Uploading Content

Add media to Planoly, to start planning content for your Social Media accounts.

Add Media To Start Planning

Tap on the PLUS (+) Icon, to start adding media to start planning. This will provide you with multiple sources to import images or videos to Planoly.

Select A Source

Choose the location where the media you want to add is located.

This can be from:

  • Your mobile device’s library,
  • Placeholder (temporary thumbnails)
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Apple Files (iCloud)
  • Planoly’s Discover feature
  • Free (CC0 Licensed) Stock Photos

Choose A Placeholder

In this example, we selected the Placeholder option. Placeholders are temporary media items you can add to the Plan Grid, to help layout your feed.

Tap Upload

Once you selected the image or video you want to add, tap on UPLOAD

Media Is Now Added to Plan Grid

Now that you know how to upload images/videos to the Planoly Plan grid, tap on a thumbnail to start planning out your content to schedule and post to your Social media account.