Creating Draft Folders

Draft Folders are albums you can upload a group of content to that are similar or related to each other (ie, marketing campaigns, events, themes, colors)

Tap On Drafts

To access your Draft Folders, tap on the drafts icon (top right)

Add A Draft To Begin

If no Draft Folder exists, tap on the PLUS (+ icon) to create a new Draft Folder.

Draft Folder Is Created

Now that a Draft Folder is created, when a Draft Folder is ready to be scheduled, tap on the SELECT label (top right), and choose the MOVE TO GRID option.

Individual posts in a Draft Folder can also be moved to the Plan Grid.

  1. Tap on a Draft Folder
  2. Tap on the SELECT label (top right)
  3. Select the Individual posts you would like to move to the Plan Grid.
  4. Tap on MOVE TO GRID