Create Hashtag Groups

Hashtag groups allow you to easily create and re-use content (text, hashtags, credit, etc) to posts without having to re-type them each time.

Go To More Options

Tap on the more options icon (3 dots, bottom right)

Tap Hashtags

Tap on the Hashtag Manager option (# icon) to create, edit, copy, or view the hashtag groups associated with the Social Profile.

Create Hashtag Group

Input a Name to quickly reference the Hashtag Group you’ll be creating.

Type in the Content, hashtags (up to 30), and users tagged (up to 20) you would like to reference.

Hashtag Group Created

Now that you created a Hashtag Group, it can be accessed to be added to a post while planning, or copied to your phone’s clipboard so you can paste it anywhere to be used.